Famous Dog Movies!

When it comes to dogs and movies they go hand in paw together. Everybody loves a film with a dog in, especially when it involves cute puppies! The saying goes that you should never work with small children or animals; however it is a good job this is ignored as it has helped to create some of the best films of all time. Dogs can be fantastic animals to train with the right people, and all of these pooches have proved this as I take you through some of the most famous movie stars of all time:


Of course the list has to begin with Lassie the gorgeous collie dog. The film has been remade in 2005 but the original movie was from 1943. Lassie was actually called Pal in real life and was the original dog to play the role. He lived in California and was filmed in the TV series too.


Marley and me

This recent film featuring a cute yellow Labrador puppy was taken from the book which was based upon a true story. The story started out with the couple unsure if they could take on the responsibility of having a child, so took on a little pup to start off with. The gorgeous dog of course grew to its full size and caused mischief along the way. As the dog grows up in the film 22 different dogs were hired to play the role of Marley. They must have had to store a lot of pet supplies on the set!



Another dog movie which is based upon a true story which sadly not as many people know about is Hachi. It is a brilliant movie and one that only a select few people would not shed a tear at when watching! It takes you on a journey of how loyal a dog can be to its owner and the Akita dogs featured are beautiful. The dog grows up in the film so it required 3 different dogs to play the roles, these were called Chico, Layla and Forrest.



Of course the big St Bernard Beethoven had to be mentioned, especially as 7 movies where made for this lovable pooch, including a Christmas movie. The first film in the series was release in 1992 and is a classic comedy film. The dog that was the star in the original two films was called Chris and did a fantastic job!

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Doggy Dilemma

Doggy Dilemma is it us or the advertising?

Staring at the rows of products above me and near my feet. So many different products and colours, all of them offering something different for example: for older dogs you have the option of buying senior dog food and for young dogs you can buy puppy food. These all offer so much but also they give us so much confusion to what is the best food for our dogs and our bank balance. Having pets is not cheap and neither is the food. But what about pet food online? Is it easier that way? Pet food comes in a wide range such as: pouches, tins and metallic trays. Some contain beef, chicken, and all other sorts of meat some is even vegetarian. So how do we know what’s best for our dogs?


Do we really know what

We all want healthy animals in our lives and we want them to have the longest life expectancy possible to stop the devastation of losing our loved ones. Like most people my dog is part of the family and is loved as much as any other family member. But is dry food, wet food or food with gravy the best for our chums?



Dog Boarding

It’s always your dog’s worst time of year when you decide to go on holiday. Stripped from their home, garden and comforts and cast into a kennel for a fortnight. You feel the guilt as you hurry to drop them off  before you head to the airport and see the cage they’ll be sharing with another dog for the duration and your heart breaks.

Nobody likes to leave their dog whilst they go away on holiday but unless your willing to dictate and cater your holiday around taking your dog abroad, the only option is to put them in a Kennels. Or is it?

There is a new, innovative and ever growing variation on the old Kennels stigma. Say goodbye to the infamous ‘kennel-cough’ and cramped conditions and say hello to luxury dog boarding. This new kind of boarding exceeds expectations because dog’s are allowed to bring comforts in the forms of toys, blankets etc from home. You will normally supply the cage so there’s no need to worry about cramped or uncleanly spaces for your dog.

Dogs are walked everyday, and get to socialise together in great open spaces. This idea of dog boarding is a free range option as opposed to the previous method,because nobody likes the idea of their pet being locked up for a week. Keeping your dog happy through regular exercise and play activities will ensure that your dog stays fit and healthy throughout the duration of your holiday. If you want to ensure your dogs happiness then opt for dog boarding rather than kennels, it will give you peace of mind your dog its own holiday.

Puppy Power

Training any animal is difficult, it takes hard work, dedication and repetition, repetition, repet-you get the picture. Training a puppy can seem impossible, but with these short steps, you’ll be well on your way to prepping that pup.

First of all, introduce your new puppy to their new home, let them get familiarised with their new environment. It’s never too early to start training a new puppy, so within the first few days of your new puppy gracing your home, you can begin.


Talking to your puppy is essential, familiarising your new pup with their owner’s voice is obviously going to make the puppy understand voice commands and make it easier for you to understand your puppy’s needs.


Instead of punishing your pup for misbehaviour, do like you would with a child, only praise the good. Bad behaviour sometimes comes down to habit of reaction. A new puppy is learning, and if it learns that it only gets special praise when being good, then it will take it as gospel.


Starting to organise a schedule with your puppy is important. We as a species of animal learn from doing at set times, in same environments and same people, and so do puppies! That’s why it’s a good idea to integrate basic puppy classes into your dog’s routine. As well as set dinner times, walks and resting times.


Like humans, animals have their very own personalities and each of us is different. Some of us get moodier than others, some of us take longer to learn, and it’s exactly the same with puppies. So let your puppy have that down time where they can just go wild (not feral!) and really express their own individual personality, remember that’s the thing that attracted you to this puppy in the first place.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your puppy won’t miraculously become a show dog overnight. Have patience and perseverance with your pup, and regular praise and cuddles, basically all the love and care that they deserve.

Bringing a new puppy into any new environment can be a scary and daunting experience for any owner but you have to remember that it’s daunting for the new puppy too! But if you both work together, train together and love each other, it will be a friendship for life.




5 Common Pet Fish Diseases and How To Identify Them Before Its Too Late

Have you noticed something off with the appearance of the fish in your tank at home? A difference in appearance or activity of your fish may be caused by a common pet fish disease. Fortunately these can be easily prevented the signs are identified quickly. Learning about the signs of common fish diseases can help you to save your pet and also prevent illnesses spreading to other fish in the same tank.

Common Pet Fish Diseases:

1. Bacterial Infection – Dropsy

Have you noticed that your fish has swollen up like balloon? The fish could be experiencing a common bacterial infection identified as dropsy. This infection affects the function of the kidneys, causing bloating. Treated with antibiotics that are dropped into the water, caught early enough it isn’t threatening to the fish living in the tank. Common antibiotics used in cases of dropsy are tetracycline.

2. Fin Rot

Tanks that aren’t up to par with health conditions are susceptible to ‘fin rot’. High levels of bacteria in the water cause the fins to appear as if they are rotting away and ragged around the edges of the fins. Simply changing the water isn’t enough for fish that are experiencing the symptoms, and the water must be treated using antibiotic drops. Maintaining a clean living space for the fish can help prevent rot through the tail and fin area.

Be careful when diagnosing tail or fin rot, as it can sometimes be caused by aggression in the fish tank. Aggressive fish that nibble on the tails or fins create a ragged appearance. Before making the diagnosis and buying antibiotic drops, monitor the activity in the fish tank and look for signs of aggressive fish.

3. Viral Infections

Viral infections can cause large white growths that resemble cauliflower to appear on the body of the fish. The most common infection is referred as lymphocystis and can remain on the body of the fish for months at a time. There is no known treatment for the condition, and like viral conditions in humans it will eventually enter remission and the growths will subside if the fish is placed in a tank or bowl away from other fish.

4. Fish Pop Eye

Infections throughout the eye area can cause the eyes of the fish to appear bulging. Caught early enough, this infection can be easily treated by reducing the infection and therefore allowing the fluid build-up around the eye to decrease and eradicate the infection.

Fish pop eye should be treated promptly. Without prompt and proper treatment the fish can lose the sight in the eye suffering from the bulge, and the infection can move from one eye to the other. In severe cases, the infection can even be spread to other fish that are living in the tank.

The fish should be removed from the area and put into water treated with antibacterial drops to remove the infection. Epsom salts can be used to draw out the fluid from the eye area.

5. Tuberculosis

Over crowding the fish tank or having fish in extremely poor conditions can result in the fish developing tuberculosis. Common symptoms include a hollow appearance through the torso, ulcers on the surface of the fish’s scales, lack of appetite and a pale appearance of colour-fish. Fish that are sensitive to changes in the environment are at an increased risk of developing tuberculosis, treated with drops containing B-6 for thirty to forty five days, until the symptoms begin to subside.

Proper care for the fish tank including changing the water, using an adequate filtration system and introducing fish into the environment that naturally ‘clean’ it can help to reduce the chances of the fish developing these illnesses.

About The Author

Kate Brown writes about care and maintenance tips to help people improve the life expectancy and well being of their pets. Her site features articles on popular freshwater fish species including puffers and fancy guppies.

Who Said a Cat Has Nine Lives?

It’s a common myth that a cat has nine lives (although in some cultures it only has seven). However, no one has come up with a definitive explanation of how this myth started. There are many stories and legends about how this saying came about, mostly citing ancient beliefs and superstitions.

One tells of an old Irish legend that witches can bedevil humans by transforming into cats then back into people for eight times. On the ninth time, on August 17 (considered a yowly time for cats), they cannot transform back into people. A book called “Beware the Cat” written by William Baldwin (also known as G.B.) in 1854 has a line that says “It is permitted for a witch to take her cat’s body nine times”.

Another source that’s often brought up is Egyptian mythology. The sun god Ra, in the form of the evening sun god Atum-Ra would visit the underworld as a cat (although he is also depicted as a serpent, mongoose, lion bull, lizard or ape). Atum-Ra gave rise to nine gods referred to as the Ennead (The Nine), including Shu and Tefnut, their children Geb and Nut and their children Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephthys.

In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare has Mercutio telling Tybalt, “Good king of cats, nothing but one of your nine lives.” An ancient proverb says, “A cat has nine lives. For three he plays, for three he strays and for the last three he stays”.

Still another tale tells of a hungry and selfish cat that ate nine fish cooked for nine starving children. The children died of hunger and the cat from overeating. God punished the cat by throwing it out of heaven and letting it fall back to earth for nine days. For its selfishness, the cat must die nine times before becoming permanently dead.

Most people, however, agree that the saying “A cat has nine lives” is due to its ability to land on its feet after falling from great heights and surviving in situations that would kill other animals. The “nine” (the trinity of trinities) part of the saying may be attributed to the mystical qualities associated with the number in many western and asian cultures. Experiments have been conducted to validate the cat’s resiliency and its capacity to survive falls. In 1894 a French physiologist demonstrated that a cat twists as it falls maneuvering its head, back, legs and tail so it lands on its feet and lessens the impact of the fall. Cats also possess a natural healing mechanism associated with its purring. In 1987, the Journal of the American Veterinary Association carried an article about cats falling from high rise apartments, suffering severe injuries and surviving. This has given rise to another adage among veterinarians that “If you put a cat and a bunch of broken bones in the same room, the bones will heal.”

Whoever first said that the cat has nine lives must have been so impressed with the feline’s abilities for survival that his or her observation has survived through the centuries.

About the author:
Mel is an animal lover and travel writer. For him the ideal way to combine work with travel and also keep the company of animals is by house sitting in different parts of the country for people with pets. His favorite house sitting site is http://mindahome.com

Do You Talk To Your Pet?

Research carried out by the insurance company More Than has revealed that over five million pet owners confide in their pets when something is on their mind. The figures reveal that 87% of cat and dog owners talk to their pets when no-one else is around, often at length.

Most people know that owners talk to their pets in a cute manner and most would admit to it too, but it doesn’t stop there. 85% of those surveyed professed to having deep and meaningful conversations with their pets, on topics such as relationships, work, relatives and financial matters. A third of those surveyed admit that they have secrets that have only been told to their pets.

Talking to and generally interacting with pets is well known to be a stress reliever, with figures showing merely owning a pet or coming into contact with other peoples pets can decrease stress. Relationship psychologist Corinne Sweet said “It’s a well-known psychological fact that talking to our pets can relieve stress, anxiety, loneliness and a wide range of other uncomfortable feelings. Pets don’t judge, talk back or complain. Instead they listen well, have open minds and faces and enable their owners to freely unburden themselves.”

People treat their pets differently, from a cat casually walking in and out of a house as it pleases, to an animal being waited on hand and foot. It seems, however, that nearly all pet owners see their pets as friends who they can turn to rather than an animal that they take care of, which is perfectly understandable because each pets personality is as varied as a humans.

Rise In Popularity For Corgi Breeds

After years of declining popularity, it would seem that the Queens favourite type of dog – the corgi – is set for a boost. According to the Kennel Club, the breed has seen a boost in popularity this year, which sees the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

According to the Kennel Club, the popularity of the Queens favourite breed – the Pembroke Welsh Corgi – rose by a third this year, with over five and a half thousand searches on its website for corgis this year.

The Queens owns three corgis: Monty, Willow and Holly, who travel often with the Queen to her various residences and get personal attention from the Queen as much as her diary allows.

The Pembroke breed is the smaller of the two breeds of Welsh corgis, standing at around 10-12 inches and weighing about 13kgs. Cardigan corgis are slightly larger, around an inch taller and a kilo or so heavier. The Pembroke has a smaller tail than the Cardigan breed, with both having a fox-like face and thick coat, ideal for working outside.

The Pembroke Welsh corgi and its cousin the Cardigan Welsh corgi are both native dogs which are considered vulnerable to disappearing. There are relatively small numbers of births registered each year for the breeds.

Traditionally being a working dog used for herding, the dogs tend to be healthy and have a good life expectancy of well over ten years. They have a bark belying their small stature, created by their large lungs which increase the dogs fitness after generations of work. They are loyal, alert, fun-loving, even-tempered and confident, giving them all the qualities of a good family dog.

As with most things, dog breeds go in and out of fashion with different groups of people, but hopefully the Queen’s celebrations will continue to increase the popularity of the corgi and provide families with friendship for years to come.

What to Consider When Getting a Pet for a Flat

For people living in flats but wanting the company and happiness associated with having a pet, it can be a tough choice on what to get. You may not be allowed to keep one, but if you are, you need to think if it will be fair on the animal to be kept in a flat most of the time. You also need to make sure your flat or living space can handle an animal living in it and maybe causing mischief.

There have been numerous studies showing that pet owners are generally happier after regular interaction with a pet. This makes sense when you consider a pet to me another member of your family, giving you joy when they are around.

How much energy a pet has is one of the first considerations. For dog lovers, you will know how much you have to walk a dog, which can be done easily if a routine is kept up. It can get tricky if you are away from your home a lot with no-one to walk it. A dog could go through a flat wreaking havoc if not properly trained.

Space is obviously a large concern too. An aquarium doesn’t need much room and can brighten up a place, but if you have a larger animal, it will need plenty of space to run and frolic. This is also a serious concern with concerns to animal care because of legal issues, as cases of cruelty are, unfortunately, still rife.

For people living in flats and due to their popularity, the first things people will think of are cats and smaller sized dogs, such as terriers or toy breeds. These are great choices and there are many resources available online for more information before you make your decision. For an animal that is a bit different, there are other options such as tropical fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, reptiles, spiders and many more options.

The choice is yours ultimately, with everyone’s preferences being different. As long as your pet can be happy and healthy, they can pass that back on to you for years to come.

Cutting The Expense Of Keeping Horses

Many people who own horses and have to frequently transport them over long distances will look for second hand horseboxes for sale as an alternative to having to rent these vital pieces of equipment from companies. The one off payment of buying second hand horseboxes for sale is often a lot cheaper than having to regularly pay the cost of hiring horseboxes in the long run.

If you’re looking for horseboxes for sale then you’ll soon find that the internet is one of most useful resources that you have. There are a number of websites, including online auction websites where you will be able to locate a variety of horseboxes for sale, both new and second hand. It is possible to pick up a horsebox for a very reasonable price using these websites. You also find a specialist equestrian advertising website to very useful too. These websites are used by people who are selling horses and related items and anybody can browse through their listings free of charge. You are almost certain to find a fantastic selection of horseboxes for sale listed on these websites as well as many other useful equestrian items.

When looking for horseboxes for sale you may also considering putting the word out at your local stable as many people who own a horsebox and are looking to sell it on are likely to congregate at such a location. There may also already be adverts for horseboxes for sale at your local stable.